Ballad of Baldasarre

Troubled Waters

Session 1

The heroes awoke bound in chains with little to themselves save the our own wits. None had memories, just a fog over their minds, addling all that was before. All they could tell, was that they awoke to their bound states in a hold of some ship. Along with our 4 heroes, there were an old man and a dirty rogue likewise chained. These 6 prisoners, as it were, tried best they could to make sense of there present situation.

—None too long thereafter, a cabin boy by the name of John brought bread and water to the members of this brig. Friendly enough with the lot of prisoners, John was wary of the repulsive rogue that be chained to the rear of the boat who he would only refer to as “Roach”. ‘parently the rogue had fancied a cut along the boy’s throat; a getaway plan he says. Whichever were to be true, the heroes garnished some information from John boy about their predicament. John boy called Barlow by name, giving the dwarf more than he had before. Likewise with the Halfling Remy and the massive brute of man Stephen. Supposedly they are the last of a galley of prisoners. The other prisoners all received each to themselves a pair of +1 Stone Boots and then asked to chart a map of the ocean bottom.

—The boy goes aloft to the deck to appease the crewman, and together the heroes sort out a plan of escape. They have but to wait for the right time, which comes not too far along as the grey elf hear’s the warning call for land. Soliciting help from the boy, Remy, obtains keys to the party’s manacles and to the forward cargo hold. The heroes make to grab weapons and prepare themselves for their escape. John presents the grey skinned elf with a tome titled Leffin, giving the elf name. It’s a book that holds much in the likes of arcane mischief; of which a cat of arcane make apparates into being, fond of the apparent wizard Leffin. John boy informs our party that some of the crew went ashore, so little time is better than now.

—The party stages their first attack and are just about to give the boy the single to yell for help, when all of a sudden the fiendish rogue, nimble with a blade and twice that with his feet, runs up the stairs to the floor above yelling that the prisoners have escaped. Their position betrayed, the party hesitates a moment… a well hesitated moment as a smelly pile of pirate comes down the stairs. A sparse sentence he gets out afore Remy slits the words from his gullet.

—Blood spilled and the rise of combat in their blood, the party advances their position. Up the stairs the find themselves amidship, seemingly in a large hold filled with provisions. An Ape Man pirate eyes the party from in front of a door to the rear. Remy wastes no time drawing bow and loosing an arrow, plugging the target squarely in the chest. From the front of the deck amongst the smells of soup and garlic comes a bulking hulk of a man, the weight of an ox as it were. Armed with a cleaver, the titan cook makes for a mean customer. Good thing Drake is open for business.

—With a rush Drake moves to charge the cook whilst Barlow makes way to finish the monkey man. Leffin steps astride Remy to keep the meat cleaver from slicing up the half man’s back. At a loss without magic, Leffin attempts a stab at the titan cook with his longsword only to find a cleaver autographing his chest. Stephen slices the butcher cook, giving Leffin chance to retreat into a small door aside the kitchen which houses a secondary level for the ships anchor. With all his disadvantages, Leffin looks to throw off the sailors and pulls up the anchor. He whispers quietly one word as he smirks….“wildcard”.

—Another Monkey Man steps from relieving himself into the fray, only to be relieved further by the mace of a dwarven ape killing machine. The halfling and Barbarian man make work of the cook, and Remy aids in his dispatch. Leffin searches the kitchen for healing items whilst the others to a further look into the galley.

—Call it a halfling’s luck but Remy was drawn to a dark corner of the hold. Something didn’t fit, and just as he leaned close, that filthy Roach that pretended to be a prisoner popped out of the an empty barrel with blades a flashing! Leffin attempts to throw the butcher’s cleaver in vain, burying it solidly in the ships mast startling the adjacent Barlo.

—Down the stairs from the upper deck another pirate descends. Stephen attacks with swift cuts to keep the new attacker at bay. Narrow misses followed in a flurry of halfling knives and dwarven hammers results in nothing less than just desserts for the enemy rogue; leaving the short life of a human pirate left afore it too is snuffed out.

—The halfling’s luck rings true again as he discovers a keg of ale, ale that the dwarf and he partake together in a quick reprieve whilst Leffin searches about for some instruments of healing in the crew quarters. The party locates a small amount of loot, some food, and some scrolls of Grease and Magic Missile.

—Meanwhile Stephen keeps a pirate of the non ape variety at bay before finally toppling his adversary with the help of both dwarf and rogue. Barlo finds strength in his faith as it calls to him of divine purpose. He remembers some of his school and puts it to use, healing our mighty Barbarian’s wounds. Reinvigorated, our party moves topside.

—A vicious storm has taken the ship into it’s clutches, drifting aimlessly through in the uneasy sea. No time can be spare for minding the weather, as Monkey men adorn the crow’s nest as well as the forward deck. But dwarfing the danger they pose, a vicious man armed to the teeth stands at the helm. Armor and blades strike a vicious visage, and a claw on the pole end of a spear make this slaver a foe look a nasty bit of violence.

—Remy spares little time as he looses an arrow and the armored villain. Stephen makes his way up to the foredeck, dodging javelin and monkey blade alike as he fights both the deckhand and crow’s nest. Another pirate steps out of the foredeck to find himself square in the way of dwarven metal. Leffin begins moving one hand in deft motions while dangling a wildly blowing scroll of Grease in the other. The slavers attacks Remy with his strange polearm, succeeding in binding Remy around the waist. Before Barlo has a chance to aid the trapped halfling he is ambushed by a scallywag that charges out of the fore compartments. At the same time a monkey blade finds purchase in the side of Stephen…and for a moment the party looks lost.

—Then Stephen strikes a scoring blow against his attacker, whilst Remy begins to wrestle the slavers attempts to cast the halfling into the growingly turbulent waters. Leffin changes target from the iron villain to Remy instead. Sloughing grease from Leffin’s hand, Remy is covered in a slippery goo, allowing him the extra boon to help him escape. Barlow and Remy attack the slaver as Stephen, wounded, dispatches his adversary. Leffin goes into the Fore deck’s hold and searches yet further for healing implements, finding success by securing two Scrolls of Chill Touch as well as a Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

—Returning to the outside Leffin finds Remy, Barlow, and Stephen fending the monkey man from the crow’s nest as well as Paul on the Rear deck. Healing Stephen with his new found wand, Leffin watches as his powerful allies finish what fight was left in the villains, leaving only the crow’s nest coward and the armored slaver. New danger mounts, as the sea that has swept wave after wave over the boat and threatening to castaway the party turns harsher and harsher.

—The hadozee shiphand leapt from the crow’s nest in what appeared a suicidal decision until spreading his arms he revealed flaps of skin and glided easily to the quarterdeck to aid the slaver under attack. His move is wasted as Barlo crushes the slaver’s ribcage. The man slumps on the rail and through bloody coughing fits laments, “Forgive me, I tried to…I’m sorry…Gorm…”

—As the champions turn to address their simian adversary the ship pitches as a wave launches the bow into the air tossing Barlo aft and to the raging sea. With a last ditch grab he catches the lip of the deck with his off hand watching as the slaver’s body plummet past him disappearing into the merciless surf.

—Leffin takes the helm and after some time Stephen and Barlow return below decks, Barlow finding strength in faith and Stephen’s practical nature knowing what skills he has will not benefit the state they are in. Leffin and Remy attempt to steer the ship to safer landing. Dangerously near to cliffs they try as best they can to move away. Minor successes and vicious weather battle until the mast breaks any controlled navigation becomes impossible.

—Leffin, Remy and Leffin’s familiar retreat to the captain’s quarters…where they find a sea wench finishing burning the last of what information the slavers had left. An aggressive bitch she and Remy being slashing at each other, and finally Leffin draws enemy blood, slashing the woman across the gut. The wench begs for mercy, and Remy offers her the choice of blade or sea. Which is the greater mercy, I am not one to tell. The bleeding harlot chose the sea to decide her fate. As she dove beneath the waves…neither Remy or Leffin saw her rise back up….

XP (per character): 510 (472 Combat 38 Bonus)

I think I got some events mixed up. Feel free to edit it as I definitely paid more attention during my turn. Especially you Tyler since it was really hard to remember whether your character or Nate’s character did what.


Marcon Marcon

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